1. So happy. Ultimate clothing company signed by the man himself.

  2. Is it sad I drove from one end of London to the other just to see this sign?

  3. I absolutely adore the way these miu miu ads have been printed in Love/Another.

  4. blue

  5. Rouge

  6. Chill


  7. Models

    Are hard to find in this neck of the woods.

  10. Pleasant surprise… Didn’t know it was out.


  11. alexanderfury:

    There are certain words I just don’t think fashion should use. It’s something that occurs to me often, whenever I’m pawing through a verbose, florid, adjective-saturated piece about some rag-monger or other.

    However as you’re probably aware, as a browser of these pages, it is currently fashion…


  14. … & so the search for another model begins.